In the name(s) of god

What are the different names of God and what do they mean? One of the names of God in the Bible is יהוה יִרְאֶה (Adonai Yireh). It appears in Gen 22: 14 and most Bibles translate it as “the LORD will provide".
Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg
Dean of the Jewish Studies Faculty at eTeacher

The meaning of the hebrew name: יהוה יִרְאֶה

The four letter name of God comes first but the יִרְאֶה (yireh) part comes from Hebrew verb לִרְאוֹת (lirot) which means “to see, to perceive, to look”. This same root is used to describe someone who has an ability to see things others cannot, רֹאֶה (roeh) - a seer or a prophet. Another related term רָאָה פָּנֶה (raah paneh) stands for advisor or overseer, a person who literally “looks into the face”.


"Adonai Yireh" can be translated more literally to say “the LORD will see” instead of “The Lord will provide”. The idea of “providing” verses “seeing” although not identical, is actually not too far off at all. In Gen 22 the verb is used several times and God is being described as “one who will see to it” or “one who will look out for his interest.” When God sees his people in need, He acts to provide for them all that is needed.

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